The Empower Program is a strength-based framework for positive behavioral intervention and support.

This program prepares educators with the practical tools they need to support youth struggling with negative behaviors


School climate reform is a viable, data driven school improvement strategy that promotes safer, more supportive and civil K-12 schools. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends school climate reform as a tool that promotes healthy relationships, school connectedness, and dropout prevention. A growing number of State Departments of Education are focusing on school climate reform as an essential component of school improvement and/or bully prevention.



​To provide:

  • Educators with tools to be and feel in control during any behavioral situation

  • Students with social skills to be and feel in control during any behavioral situation

  • Schools with long-term solutions and positive supports for common behavioral situations


Educators can respond instead of react when negative student behaviors occur.

Students use social-emotional learning skills to reduce frustration, better communicate with peers and increase their availability for learning.


Schools get long-term solutions for supporting student behavioral concerns that minimize putative punishments and maximizing student, educator and parent engagement.

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